Dear followers, you may have noticed a gap in my blogging from, say, last weekend. Let me take you back to last Sunday… (Scooby Doo flashback music) Picture the scene, I am well rested, I’ve been eating the right things including having a proper, pre-run breakfast, and (at last) am properly hydrated. It’s windy but […]

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Mid week training sesh

I have trained for and finished 11 half marathons. I have completed numerous 5k and 10k runs. I’ve even run from Cheltenham to Malvern (21 miles). But I have never been more proud of myself for finishing a run than I am this evening. I haven’t run a marathon. I haven’t broken any personal bests. […]

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Nine weeks tomorrow…

I didn’t write about my long run last week. It was great, I ran for 2 hours, my body was tired, but I trialled the SIS isotonic gels and despite the gagging to get them down, they kept my energy up. I was in a kind of meditative state, running and walking as dictated by […]

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9 weeks down, 11 to go

It’s been a strange week in my training plan, like I’ve had time off for good behaviour! Only 2 runs and my long run only an hour. Yes, I know I should just enjoy it, it gets a lot more intense from now on! That said, I did run a whole lot further on this […]

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12 weeks to go…

In 12 weeks’ time I will be a marathon finisher. I will have completed 26.2 miles around and through London and be able to tick “do a marathon” from my bucket list. Gulp. Today, however, was not that day. Instead it was a bright but buggeringly cold minus 5 (celcius) when I set out to […]

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Changing up the long run

I didn’t bring my run log with me when I can away this week so you lovely people get my thoughts on preparation, run and recovery this weekend (try to contain yourselves!) Prep was late night work dinner at the Grosvenor, including high heels and wine (but thankfully no dancing!) so not the greatest. Tried […]

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99 days and counting…

Hi there lovely readers! Today was a big milestone day – in 2 ways really. First, and more importantly I suppose, is that today tipped from triple to double figures until the Big Day (capitals on purpose!). Given the lurch I had in my stomach when faced with this information, I can only begin to […]

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