Post 10k rest day?

Nah!! Back to the gym this evening for weights and core (I did give myself the day off intervals though). I ummed and ahhed about going or not, then my personal cheerleader (Matt, my 17 yr old son) told me to go so I went! Plus it’s the Bake Off tomorrow and if I hadn’t […]

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Worcester 10k

Today my long run was scheduled to be 6 miles so the Worcester 10k coincided nicely! It is part of the Worcester run series meaning that the Worcester half, the 10k and the junior run all take part around the same time. The half marathoners go first then the juniors then the 10k. There were […]

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Rock and roll Friday night!

What else is there to do on a Friday night in Malvern but go to the gym?! Usually I really enjoy my Friday night sessions because I’m normally only one of maybe 3 people there, so there’s no timing issues with getting to the free weights or getting a space on the mats to do […]

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Back to training

There’s only so long that “I ran a half marathon at the weekend” can last in terms if putting off the inevitable. So back to the gym today for weights and intervals. Felt no lasting effects from Sunday’s exertions and smashed my previous interval training record! Feeling pretty good about this running lark. The good […]

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Great North Run 2018

My long run this week was due to be 5.5 miles. Sadly the organisers of the Great North Run didn’t get the memo so it had to be 13.1 miles instead. I had to defer my place last year as I’d been injured and hadn’t run for months, but given my entry to the London […]

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Pre run nerves

Heading off to Newcastle today ready for the Great North Run tomorrow… well, not “ready” but I’m going to do it anyway! Wish me luck! Eeeeeek!!

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Weights rock!

Back to the gym tonight for my weights and intervals on the treadmill session. When I first signed up to go back to the gym with the full intention of marathon training I must admit to sneering at the idea of weights. I need to run and run a lot surely. What’s the point in […]

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