Rock and roll Friday night!

What else is there to do on a Friday night in Malvern but go to the gym?!

Usually I really enjoy my Friday night sessions because I’m normally only one of maybe 3 people there, so there’s no timing issues with getting to the free weights or getting a space on the mats to do the hated core work.

Tonight there must have been at least 7 people there AND a guy having an induction session. Disgraceful. I hope it’s a blip!

My intervals and weights were good but I think my core was still on holiday. Let’s just say I’ll try that bit again tomorrow… 🤢

Other news today is that I was offered another charity London Marathon place, this time by Mind. I’m thrilled that they chose me and disappointed that they are too late. Still, for me all the applications I made were for the same cause albeit through three different charities – to support people who are facing mental health challenges and specifically give back to those that have helped Matt and me.

Onwards to my NSPCC fundraising target!

I will finish with another success. I realised that as well as the jeans success, I am now going to the gym in leggings that are TWO SIZES smaller than I started in only a few weeks ago!

Here’s a pic of my new haircut – reckon it should make me more aerodynamic!


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